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    Reedition of my book "Composition in Photography: A New Approach" is available on Amazon now. I'm very grateful to Emoke Toth for editing my texts as well as to great photographers Daniil Parniouk and Christian David Aragon, whos perfect work you'll find inside the book. The cover is new too. This book intended for the printed version - it looks very nice in paper. The electronic version doesn't give full impression.
    Actually, I did not try to teach photography in my book. The book is an attempt to explore how the rules of composition used in painting could be applied in photography. This is why the book is subtitled "A New Approach" - for those who are open to new ideas there is a lot of interesting stuff.
    To take a look at the book visit Amazon.
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    1958 I was born in Budapest, Hungary, in army officer's family. Half a year later we returned to the Soviet Union and I spent most of my childhood in a small military town nearby Moscow.
    1976 Right after school I was conscripted to military service, construction troops, and spent two years building the Kursk nuclear power station.
    1978 I entered preparative course at Lenin Pedagogical College. That's when I met Dibir Izrailov, who both taught me drawing, painting and composition, and helped me to form the attitude to the fine art.
    1979 - 1984 I studied at Moscow Pedagogical College, (MGZPI), Department of Fine & Graphic Art. My Thesis was Human Head Drawing Methodology, and I had an opportunity to explore teaching system by V. N. Pavlov, who was my reviewer. Afterwords, it helped me a lot in my own work.
    1984 I started teaching. My ex-classmate from Pedagogical College got ill and for almost a year I replaced her as a drawing teacher.
    1985 I started to participate in art exhibitions. Together with friends we formed a creative association with a mysterious title Khudozhnik-Turist ("painter-tourist") and exhibited our paintings & drawings in Hotel Izmaylovo art hall.
    1985 I got job at the Drivers Cultural Center as Head of Drawing Department. I was supposed to cultivate love for art in the hearts of Road Technical School students. However, they proved to be immune to it, and in 1986 I found a child's club in Baumanskiy district where a drawing teacher was required.
    April, 1986 I moved to the new location. That's how the story of what later was named BAUMANSKAJA SCHOOL OF PAINTING began. It includes such artists as Sergei Dorodny, Nadezhda Kalyagin, Boris Norshtein, Sergei Ovsyannikov, Konstantin Sutyagin, Svetlana Sutyagin, Alexander Shevchenko.
    1988 That's the year of my creative birth. What I call 'my' painting style now, first appeared on April, 30.
    1991 I became member of the International Association of Artists and Critics.
    1994 I got an award of the All-Russia Exhibition Center for teaching children (Golden Medal).
    1998 I became member of the International Art Foundation.
    2006 My biography was published in the encyclopedia Who is Who in Russia.

    The experience of more than 30 years of teaching fine arts resulted in the creation of a number of textbooks for children and adults. These tutorials can be found on the Amazon website (amazon.com) in Russian. Also there are two of these books translated in English (amazon.com). My artwork is in private collections in Russia, USA, Greece, Germany and France. I regularly take part in various exhibitions. To see artwork please follow the link 'paintings'.
    To see exhibition list & catalogs please follow the link 'exhibitions'...