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    exploring the expressive potential of a graphic image
    Centre for Art and Culture Espronceda
    From the 29th of November to the 5th of Dicember
    Barcelona 2016
    In photography «zooming», or «zoom», refers to the technique of changing the focal length of a zoom lens (and hence the angle of view). It enables a change from a close-up to a wide shot (or vice versa) without changing the actual distance to objects.
    In the project «Zooming» this effect is created by changing the image size, but it also directly involves the audience. Since every image is done in various measurements, it invites a viewer to come closer or step back (thus functioning as a “zoom”) and suggests different level of involvement in interaction with an image.
    As the real scenery becomes transformed and downsized in artist’s imagination, the first to appear is the smallest version of a picture: a sketch. Then, consequently enlarged, the image gradually evolves back to the size of a real life scenery, almost literally enabling a viewer to enter into the space of the depicted landscape.
    And when a photo or a selfie with largest images is done, the image becomes small again but includes the viewer, ending the cycle and transforming the audience from passive observer to a active participant.
    The original series of graphic work was created three years ago (before that Evgeniy Stasenko's focus was mainly the work of color). First to appear were white guaches on black paper. Later they transformed in bigger versions as white enamel on black roofing material. Enlarged, these images carried the same, if not stronger, expressiveness, even communicated a new dimension, inspiring the artist to go on exploring and discovering the potential of graphic images.
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