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  • Happening Button
    Happening Word
    Happening Life From Scratch


    Happening Button was accomplished under the aegis of gallery Expo 1988 on May 18, 1996 at Tverskaya Street.
    There was a task in Happening Button to take off, even a little, the pressure of social pattern on the person. Social pattern needs all of its attributes. If we change only one attribute we change direction of influence of accommodating environment on the individual. Environment destroys entire pattern, although only one attribute is changed.
    Creation of the social pattern is two-way process, the social pattern is built and maintained by both: an individual and accommodating social environment. An individual constantly correlates with a social environment in order to adjust his behavior, appearance, etc., citing personal social pattern to the social pattern of the accommodating environment.
    Practically the changing of attribute was very simple: to a passer on his back, if he was agree, was sewn big white button. No explanations to the action was given him at first. Man with the button had to pass along the street to the next point, where he received a booklet with a detailed explanation about the ongoing action.
    The beginning and end of journey were marked by my twin-nephews Pasha and Valya. The Valya had the poster on the chest with inscript "button sewing", while Pasha, who was standing in distance about 100 m had the poster "button cutting".
    All the buttons had gone away.
    The videotape was filmed, still lies somewhere...


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