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    January 29 - February 10, 2008
    Art-Center Fund
    Krasnosel'skii impasse d. 5
    Evgeniy Stasenko's exhibition

    "There was a red wind away,
    by dawn lit.
    Then in the river flowed wind
    and green was it.
    Then it was blue and yellow..."
    F. G. Lorca "Three story about the wind"
    In Evgeniy Stasenko's pictures you can often see a human figure in the foreground. Not a specific character, but a figure - there is not seen neither face nor clothing, nothing that might give some address that would help to identify this figure. This figure can play a role of the guide, the mediator, which allows the viewer to get into space of the picture, step through the frame. It indicates the position of the observer and, if the viewer can combine his position with the position of the figure in the foreground, he goes directly into the picture.
    The space of Evgeniy Stasenko's painting is at first glance almost abstract - bright colors, generalized contours of the things. But these generalized contours, these shadows of reality, suddenly appear such a recognizable that, it seems, you can tell the exact address of the depicted building. And bright colors incomprehensible way convey the air, the smell of the landscape.
    "Poetry knows no boundaries. Here you return home in the chilly morning with lifted collar, tired, barely dragging your feet, and it is waiting for you at the threshold. Or by the brook, or on the olive branch, or on the roof slope... Everywhere is its own secrecy, and poetry - is the secrecy which lives in all." By these words of F. G. Lorca we may experience the mood inherent to Evgeniy Stasenko's painting. "Here you return home..." - exactly you, it is your figure in the landscape and it is you who become a witness of the secret, which lives there.
    Pavel Schukin

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