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    Happening Button


    May 18, 1996
    Tverskaya Street, Moscow
    Man is essentially social.
    All that man is doing depends on a certain social pattern. The concept of social pattern may be relevant to the broad categories, such as a nation, corporation, professional association; and the same to small - such as an individual and even the single action of an individual. The rough definition of social template for a specific person, you can specify, for example, using the parameters: "work", "family", "leisure".
    Filling out the gaps, we get an engineer, married, with two children, evenings playing chess with a neighbor or a receptionist in the laundry, the widow, living with Siamese cat, knitting by hook, looking soap operas.
    Creation of the social pattern is two-way process, the social pattern is built and maintained by both: an individual and accommodating social environment. An individual constantly correlates with a social environment in order to adjust his behavior, appearance, etc., citing personal social pattern to the social pattern of the accommodating environment.
    But man is not only social being. He phenomenal being too and, as any phenomenon he can not be placed in any framework. Using personal social pattern we cut off from ourselves, not even hesitating, the most valuable of our substance, what makes us an individual, unique character.
    In Happening Button we try to take off, even a little, the pressure of social pattern on the person. Social pattern needs all of its attributes. Changing only one attribute we change direction of influence of accommodating environment on the individual. Environment destroys entire pattern, although only one attribute is changed.

    Practically the changing of attribute is very simple: to a passer on his back we sew big white button.


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