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    The late twentieth century...
    Twenty years have not gone for nothing
    Landscapes with lonely figures
    Parallel worlds
    Baumanskaja school of painting
    To allow it to be...
    La nouvelle Asie
    Two faces of buddhistic Moscow
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    The programme of the festival:
    Irina Baldano and Evgeniy Stasenko's exhibition of paintings,
    Evgeniy Stasenko's Fashion-show Mongolia
    ethnic group "LA NOUVELLE ASIE (Sasha Chavynchak, Orlana Mongush, Irina Baldano),
    Vera Sazhina - free jazz
    Dignitaries : Saynho, Bapa, Kuvezin Sergei Letov, Garik Vinogradov.
    Moscow, The Third Way club

    Yes, we are Scythian,
    Yes, we are Asians...
    A. Block
    To mark the beginning let's define what the "New Asia" is not. This is not a political party, not a social movement, this is not an organization in any way. To some extent, this may be the style in the art, since the festival is presenting music, paintings and costume.
    But, most likely it is world outlook, which is common for participants of the festival.
    In Russia has always been a tendency to regard Russia as a European country. This trend is very visible now too. But Russia is home not only to Russians, but in the same way for the Kalmyks, Tuviners, Bashkirians, Maris, Tatars and many others. Russia always was increasing toward Asia. This somehow makes as shy.
    Meanwhile, primordially Asiatic in Russia was almost more than European. Russian culture has evolved largely under the influence of Asia. And even mentioning the Byzantine influence, must be said that Byzantium has been appeared on the ground of Eastern Roman Empire, and Byzantine culture has been to a great extent Asian culture. And, most importantly, the specific Russian mentality, being always extraneous to European, is closest to the Asian mentality. Why be ashamed of our Asian roots? Is it not better to use their unique qualities instead of trying to implant in our soil dismal Western sprouts?
    To western art are inherent such a qualities as aestheticism, intellectualness, sophistication. The object of art in the Western sense is primarily a thing of marketable quality. This quality may be very high, but it is not a quality of art. Western art appeals to the intellect, but only the soul is important in the art. The innovation, the aestheticism are not substitutes to the soul.
    Among participants of the festival are Tuviners, Buryats, and Russians. Although ethnic roots are evident in their art, it does not obscure the main features that link them.
    For participants of the festival the art is something what intrinsically grows up from the underlying layers of the soul like a tree from the soil.
    To make a tree give good fruits, we must work on the soil, not cut leaves beautifully or put decorative fence around the tree.
    Work of art springs up from a natural need of it and moulds in a form that can organically express its content.
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