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    Individual exhibition
    of S.Peterson and E. Stasenko

    3 - 11 2003 .
    S.Peterson gallery, Moscow
    These are two very different artists. But there is something general that connects them. They work in space of symbols, codes of reality. Their pictures transmit an essence of the phenomenon, hieroglyphs of the senses. These pictures are lacking in third dimension, but there is a space.
    Both artists not entertain audiences, but force spectator to keen experiencing of life events. They can awaken in us a desire to learn to love and be creative, be unique.
    Semen Peterson said that the male face must be painted not as women's, not as a flower or a tree. The male face is not the color, not paintings, or sculpture, or drawing. The male face "is made" by man himself. On the other hand the female face is higher creations, as well as flower. "Only the women, flowers and mountains." Referring to love. What mostly represents love - women and flowers. Poetic painting. Charm of the simplicity and meaning. Louis Aragon in the novel "Henri Matisse" wrote: "And everything what I could say, contains already this cloud over the strait. And do you like to read in the clouds? How much would I like to see a women with spreading out hair in it..."
    Stasenko's pictures are the tools that make possible to feel the essence. He is not trying to make an impressions, he is not appealing to the imagination, but to experience.
    Experience is primordial. Pictures are like icons, nothing superfluous. Ornamentation is inadmissible, because it prevents to get the heart. As in an icon, symbolism of space is important. Not impressions but experience is the basis of religious paintings. As in an icon, we do not appeal to the image, but to something beyond the surface. Image is the door to another space.
    E. V. Didyk