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    Happening Word
    Happening Life From Scratch


    Happening Word was held in Moscow in the summer of 1991. It was long time ago.
    The scenario was as follows: Assistants (Lena Ganeshina and Yulya Efremova) were offering to anyone to write on the performer (on me) any word. The performer held in his hands four bottles on ropes filled with paint of four colors and brushes. So, the choice was not just what to write, but in which color to do it - wide choice.
    Once the word was written, the assistant cut out piece of the clothes with the word by scissors and handed it together with a certificate of participation in the happening to a "writer".
    When the clothes was completely cut to pieces, words were written on the body of the performer. Of course, the written words have not been cut, but simply washed out by sponge. To every "writer" was given a certificate of participation in the happening. Time of the end of the happening was written on performer's leg and the written was dried with blotting-paper (this historic blotting-paper was kept as souvenir, so we do know exactly the time of end of the action - 16.58 - see upper right).
    The performer was dressed in gray and taken to bathe to Sutyagin's home.